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With over 35 years experience and history in development and production of attachments, RESCHKE opend an additional production facility in march 2013, located 300 km east Moscow.

From march 1th 2013 until december 30th 2017, the new RESCHKE facility produced amongest other attachments.

  • 103 buckets up to 1,5 cbm within 24 hours! RESCHKE's flexibility and reliability is unrivaled!
  • 362 customized solutions and attachments, operating today in 24 countries all over the world!
  • over 4,000 buckets for excavators!
  • over 100 excavator buckets bigger 5 cbm for class 70 tons and bigger!
  • more than 500 wheel loader buckets bigger 3cbm!

Thanks to quality, flexibility reliability and keen eye for special solutions, we have been able to establish the new prodcution facility as a professional partner on both a national and international scale. Our strength is to develop and produce equipment of a high technical quality and with sophisticated kinematic and hydraulic features which is tailored to customer needs and allows them to make efficient use of their machinery for optimum performance!

21 Countries – 4 continents – within only 4 years!

Modern machinery, well-trained and qualified staff as well as efficient stock-keeping form the foundation on which we can turn all of the ideas and concepts developed in the design department and by our customers into high-quality products.

Apart from convincing quality, high flexibility and strict adherence to deadlines are the cornerstones of our production. The entire manufacturing process from cutting, forming, machining, through to assembling, welding, finishing and painting is carried out in our own production facility.

RESCHKE 2017 - some interessting figures

  • yearly production performance increased to 2630 tons ready metal construction.
    • 2630 tons theoretically f. ex. 120 heavy duty buckets for VOLVO EC 300 1,8 cbm per month
    • 2630 tons theoretically f. ex. 91 XHD rock buckets for VOLVO EC 380 1,95 cbm per month
    • 2630 tons theoretically f. ex. 38 XHD rock buckets for VOLVO EC 750 4,5 cbm per month
  • 1852 products had been manufactured.
  • biggest wheel loader bucket with 12,5 cbm for Caterpillar 992 has been built.
  • biggest excavator backhoe bucket with 12,5 cbm for Komatsu PC 2000 has been built.
  • biggest face shovel with 23 cbm for Hitachi EX 3600 has been built.
  • export activities expanded to 21 countries.
  • actively participated several exhibitions, from Archangelsk to Novokuznetsk.
  • 46 buckets for excavator class 70 tons and bigger left us.
  • 27 buckets for wheel loaders class 30 tons and bigger had been produced.
  • 22 long reach fronts had been produced and installed.
  • minus 58 degrees has been the coldest documentated working temperature for some.
  • 14 hi tip buckets with volume bigger 7 cbm has been developed and produced.
  • 1 new developed hi tip bucket became registrated patent!
  • 17 buckets for undeground loaders from 3 to 9 cbm has been built.
  • 19 log grapples for wheel loaders has been designed, manufactured and installed.
  • 44 grapples for excavators has been built.
  • 188 quick couplers for excavators and wheel loaders manufactured

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