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Mounted Road Harrows for Road Repair

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To date, we can confidently say that any operation in road repair, hard surface reconstruction and other construction work on land grading and milling can be successfully and efficiently executed with mounted road harrows of Italian manufacture from Reschke Rus.

The cutters are suitable for the following types of work:
  • For erasing (using as an eraser)
  • For patching
  • For asphalt cutting during yard cover repairs
  • When reconstructing roads
  • For cutting concrete and other materials



Road harrows for mini loaders

Road harrowEffective width, mmEffective depth, mmEquipment weight, kgFlow rate, l/minMaximum pressure, barLateral shift
RR PL35.15 350 0-120 590 45-75 240 mechanics
RR PL40.15 400 0-100 620 45-75 240 mechanics
RR PL45.20 450 0-150 720 65-140 300 hydraulics
RR PL60.20 600 0-170 900 90-160 300 hydraulics
RR PL75.20 750 0-170 1050 110-180 300 hydraulics
RR PL1000 1000 0-130 1090 95-200 350 гидравлика

Road harrows for backhoe loaders and excavators

Road harrowEffective width, mmEffective depth, mmEquipment weight, kgFlow rate, l/minMaximum pressure, barLateral shift
RR PLB300 300 0-100 590 3-6 45-75 250
RR PLB350 350 0-120 620 5-9 55-90 250
RR PLB450 450 0-150 790 7-13 75-140 250
RR PHD450 450 0-170   9-14    
RR PLB600 600 0-170 950 10-16 90-140 250
RR PHD600 600 0-200 1050 16-24 120-200 300

Road harrows Road harrows for MTZ tractors and the vehicles of the same typeв

Road harrowEffective width, mmEffective depth, mmEquipment weight, kgFlow rate, l/minMaximum pressure, barLateral shift
RR PL40.15 400 0-100 620 45-75 240 mechanics
RR PL45.20 450 0-150 720 65-140 300 hydraulics
RR PL1000 1000 0-130 1090 95-200 350 hydraulics


Advantages of using mounted road harrows

Reschke Rus road harrows or self-propelled road harrows

Large dimensions of this self-propelled machinery, its unhandiness, the high cost of delivery to the site, difficulties in obtaining a transportation permit, high costs of maintenance, repairs and spare parts: all this makes it expedient to use and lease of self-propelled road harrows only for large-scale work and complete road reconstruction. And even here the road harrows do not cope with the small auxiliary tasks like asphalt undercutting along the curb, removing the road prism, and removing asphalt around manholes.

Reschke Rus Cutter or labour-saving devices?

Even if one does not take into account the high costs of manual labour, the cost of expensive diamond discs of pavement cutters and the extremely low speed of executing work, the fact remains: the basis that is created as a result of performing the work by this way does not ensure the necessary adherence of new asphalt to the base. Only milling creates the tracks (grooves) on the cover, ensuring the durability of the result due to the maximum adhesiveness of the created coating. Also, as a result of the work of pavement cutters and jackhammers, large-size asphalt chips are obtained, which requires additional processing. As a result of the work of the road harrow, we get crushed asphalt granules ready for use as a backfill for the carriageway of a neighbouring parking lot or for garages.

Reschke Rus Cutter or mounted road harrow for MTZ tractor

Prior to the successful implementation of the project for installing Reschke Rus road harrows on MTZ tractors, the owners of domestic tractor road harrows faced a number of problems:
• No view of the treated area;
• Impossibility of lateral shear, and thus, the inability of the harrow to cut asphalt close to the curb and remove the coating in the area of the left track without blocking the movement of the second strip;
• The inability of the road harrow to work downhill or to ensure a constant depth throughout the passage. All this remained in the past when Reschke Rus mounted road harrows supplied for patching! We deliver a complete solution and completely improve your tractor for working with a road harrow with a productivity of 80 rm/h!

Reschke Rus Cutter or other milling cutter manufacturers

At the moment, there is a constellation of manufacturers of road harrows for asphalt, concrete and patching in the Russian market. But only the Reschke Rus road harrows, series PL and PLB, are equipped with a self-levelling system and a Performer valve. The patented design of the pendular fastener allows to instantly position the equipment on the cover, without fitting it with a holding plate. Only with the Reschke Rus road harrows for the mini loader (Bobcat, Caterpillar, John Deer, Mustang) or the front-end loader (Volvo, Case, New Holland, Komatsu) one can operate in the “push-up” position. This position transfers the entire weight of the carrier to the road harrow and ensures a stable fit of the equipment to the coating.

Types of work that the cutters perform


Equipped with a self-levelling system and instant positioning on the surface, the Reschke Rus mounted road harrows have become the most widely used solution for patching. They allow performing cutting at a speed of 70 rm/h and ensuring a constant cutting depth over the entire length of the coating. At the same time, incision of the tracks on the created coating significantly increases the adherence of the new asphalt to the basis, and thus guarantees the durability of such repairs.

Roadway renovation

It is a mistake to believe that companies having self-propelled road harrows in their fleet of vehicles and tools can effectively cope with all the road reconstruction operations. There is a whole range of works, such as removing pavement prisms, cutting along the curb, cutting asphalt downhill and around the manholes. Here, the application of Reschke Rus mounted cutters for asphalt is chosen due to their mobility, small dimensions and ensuring the result, which is similar to the one obtained from other self-propelled road harrows.

Erasing road markings

One of the most laborious processes in the field of working with the road surface is the removal of the markings of thermoplastics. This occurs when traffic lane markings are changed, or when it is restored after winter when it is subjected to the greatest wear due to steel-studded tyres. Either existing manual erasers or the use of a self-propelled road harrow as an eraser is not always efficient due to low speed or damage to the road surface. In this event, the Reschke Rus mounted road harrows act as the most efficient solution due to their high speed of work (from 320 rm/h!) and the absence of damage the coating itself.

For interblock roads and yard repairs

In many yards and sidewalk zones, the use of self-propelled road harrows for cutting asphalt is excluded. But this does not mean that for such work the only alternative is labour-saving devices and manual labour. Simex road harrows with a system of transverse levelling and lateral shift effectively process coatings on sites of any degree of complexity. Their mobility and productivity ensure high speed of work, and low noise level at work will never lead to conflicts on the part of tenants.

Milling of concrete and hard coatings

The accuracy of cutting, the ability to remove the coating in a single plane regardless of the number of parallel passes, the cutting of longitudinal tracks for better adhesion of the new coating, or a finishing buffing of the renewable coating. Here are just a few reasons why more and more building companies when treating hard surfaces decide on a solution such as attachments, namely the Reschke Rus or Bobcat road harrows.

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