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Reschke buckets in the center of" green technologies " in Austria.


Back in the 70s, Austria decided to abandon nuclear power plants in order to preserve the ecology and environmental safety.

The state, which has become a world leader in the field of "green technologies", uses renewable energy sources, such as:

  • biogas obtained from animal husbandry waste, plants, biogenic waste;
  • wood waste and firewood;
  • biofuels and solar heat.

At one of the plants processing biomass, 2 high-tip buckets produced by Reschke Rus were put into operation.

Volvo L180H front loaders, equipped with Reschke Rus buckets with a volume of 11 m3, load wood chips and sawdust.

This attachment equipment is widely used for loading / unloading bunkers, trucks, wagons, etc. Thanks to hydraulic cylinders in the bucket design, the unloading height increases by 2 times, in comparison with the standard bucket of a front loader.

Reschke Rus has extensive experience in the production of attachments for front-end loaders and is constantly improving production technologies.

Choosing Reschke Rus, you choose quality!

Reschke buckets in the center of Reschke buckets in the center of Reschke buckets in the center of
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