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Chwytaki do drewna

Chwytaki do drewna
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RESCHKE RUSSIA designs and manufactures various types of grapplers for wheel loaders.

The GP-type standard capture is identical to the original equipment of Caterpillar, Volvo, and Liebherr. This is the optimal solution for performing standard loading and unloading operations and sorting logs and pipes.

If the tasks are to be solved under severe or extreme conditions, we recommend using a Premium type gripper. Below its distinctive features are given.

Log handling

20 years of timber handling in Russia have given us the experience and knowlege to design superior log grapples. This experience, together with our own development work, has produced a wide range of grapples. Versatility is a must, since the demands of the work vary widely. They may include handling different lengths, transporting logs over uneven ground, gripping and holding one log, whole stems, etc. These are the points we take into consideration when designing our complete log grapple range, which permits all types of timber to be handled under the most diverse conditions. Torque Parallel Linkage has advantages that no other system can boast. Generous reach and lifting height permit the work to be done quickly and safely. If the grapple has to come in from above for final stacking of timber or when unloading a truck, the machine must have sufficient breakout and back-tilting torque. If the machine is not strong enough to break out the load from the top, the tines have to be forced between the logs, increasing the risk of damage to the logs and the vehicle.

The profile is welded of Weldox 700 steel.
Replaceable bolt cutting edges.
Bearings and pins of increased size.
Additional gain
Additional gain
The main components of the equipment
are welded of Quend 700 steel;
Elements subjected to wear are
made of Quard HB450 steel;
The bracket is made
of structural steel.

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