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Coal Buckets for Wheel Loaders

Łyżki do węgla Łyżki do węgla
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Zamów teraz

  • For loading bulk materials with density up to 1.1 tons/m3;
  • Increased bucket capacity;
  • A wide variety of design variations;
  • With and without removable bolt cutting edge;
  • It is used when working with very light soil: coal, sawdust, compost, formula feed for livestock, etc.

The buckets are designed for efficient handling materials of low density material, such as snow, coal, compost, etc.

  • Direct pin-on interface to the machine.
  • Offered with a fitted bolt-on edge as standard.


  • Optimized for loading low density materials.
  • Perfectly matched to each major loader brand giving best fuel efficiency and productivity.
  • Long service life thanks to an efficient design and high grade steel in strategic places.
  • Easy to change between different attachments for different types of jobs.

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