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Through mountains and rivers - RESCHKE attachments in extreme conditions!

The new gas pipeline "Power of Siberia" from the Yakut and Irkutsk fields through the Khabarovsk Territory and Primorye will supply gas to China. For Russia, the implementation of the largest gas transportation project of our time should radically change the economic and geopolitical situation. The geography of Russian gas exports will be significantly diversified. Thus, the construction of the "Siberia Power" gas pipeline for the next few years becomes the largest engineering challenge for Russia and the most important investment in the development of the country's infrastructure.

In addition, it is the largest construction in the global gas transportation industry! Grandiose construction involves the laying of 4 thousand kilometers of pipes. And all this in extreme climatic conditions of extreme continental climate with extremely cold winters. Absolute minimum air temperatures in the territory of the passage of the pipeline "Power of Siberia" reach minus 62° С.

The gas pipeline will be laid in the complex and extremely diverse geological conditions of Siberia. These pipes will pass through huge undeveloped spaces, through taiga and swamps, through mountains and the largest Siberian rivers. The gas pipeline route overcomes marshy, mountainous and seismically active areas, areas with permafrost and rocky soils.

Minus 60 degrees, icy winds, permafrost - it would seem surreal working conditions for people and technology. But such an important object must be completed on time. Work can not be stopped, it is impossible to pause or wait. No! The contractor needs to process billions of cubes of overburden and frozen soil, cross rivers and mountains of Yakutia. The scope of work is huge. And only 3 years to build an object that can be seen from space.

The construction of the "Force of Siberia" uses the most modern, highly reliable, energy-efficient technologies and equipment. Only the best equipment, experienced and professional companies and highly qualified experts can fulfill the mission - to realize such an important project for the Russian economy!

We are proud that Reschke Rus is one of these companies!

RESCHKE, together with partners from Hitachi, Komatsu and others, supply equipment and services to fulfill their part of the mission: ensuring the uninterrupted operation of machinery and equipment on the project.

The list of supplied RESCHKE for the project of hinged and working equipment is quite wide:

It seems to just sound: work without stopping the technique. But it also means that the equipment works without stopping!

Any experienced and technically competent operator, engineer or mechanic understands what it means to work in such conditions-air temperature -60 ° C, the excavator operates on a pontoon, the river is covered with a layer of ice 500 mm thick and it is necessary to clean the bottom of the river for laying the pipeline.

100-150 mm ice layer instantly completely covers the working equipment as soon as the bucket has been raised from the water. Machines, hydraulics, lubricants and, of course, metal structures work here at the limit of their capabilities, and sometimes even beyond. But despite this people, equipment and tools do not stop in their movement towards their goal, in the performance of their mission.

The company RESCHKE produced an extended working equipment for the Hitachi ZX470 and ZX670 excavators working on the project. In total, 3 sets of SRW were designed and manufactured for each excavator - a length of 14, 18 and 22 meters. The equipment completely corresponds to the technical task of the customer and is compatible with excavators in all parameters. The technique can be equipped with a different length of the ROV, depending on the depth of a particular section of the river.

In the production of working equipment, RESCHKE uses special structural steel that can withstand harsh working conditions. Thanks to this, with the use of the EPO supplied by our company, the first few thousand cubic meters of soil from the bottom of the Aldan River have already been excavated.

Advanced welding technologies in combination with the most advanced equipment and perfectly trained personnel give a 100% result!

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RESCHKE is proud that we are part of such a large-scale, ambitious, technically complex project! This will allow us to prove once again our reliability, high quality of work and the ability to support every project of our clients, no matter how specific, anywhere and anytime!

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